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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How often does your seafood & lobsters come in?
A) We have our own trucks and are coming and going to fishmarkets in Maine and Massechusetts every day Monday thru Saturday.

Q) How can I keep my lobsters alive, and for how long?
A) Keep them in the bag we provide and into the frig for up to 24 hours. 

Q) I brought my lobsters home and put them in fresh water, and now they're dead.  What do I do?
A) Lobsters will not live in fresh water ... they will die within minutes.  Keep them in the bag we provide and in the frig. 

Q) Can you still cook lobsters after they die?
A) Yes, lobsters are fine for at least 24 hours after they die as long as you keep them refridgerated. We recommend cooking them as soon as possible.

Q) What is the difference between softshell & hardshell lobsters?
A) Lobsters shed their shell in the spring. The new shell is soft, then gradually hardens.  Softshell lobsters taste sweeter, and require less cooking time.

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